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Who we are?

We are an NGO from Krakow that has been participating in Work Life Balance projects and initiatives for the past 10 years. We motivate, support, advise, train, and inspire people to seek individualised solutions for balancing their personal and professional lives. We encourage people to set goals, take initiative and fulfil their individual needs. PLinEU cooperates with companies, institutions, organisations and experts in various fields to formulate innovative solutions.

We are pleased to announce that so far we have supported over 1500 people and 500 organisations and enterprises.

We value intercultural dialogue and cooperation – so far we have collaborated with organisations from Poland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belarus and Portugal.

Main areas of cooperation:

 We believe that together we can understand and meet the needs of those we aspire to help more effectively.

Together, we can make a real difference.

We invite NGOs, institutions, enterprises and individuals to cooperate with us in the fields of:

  • developing and disseminating solutions that support the balance between personal and professional life,
  • vocationally and socially integrating people at risk of social exclusion,
  • strengthening policy on equality and counteracting stereotypes,
  • counteracting gender discrimination and promoting sustainable relationships between women and men in all areas of life,
  • supporting society to take action against an environment that does not foster a balanced personal and professional life.


Contact person:

Anna Kowalczyk

International projects/Fundraising