The project MiC aims to analyse and improve organizational conditions for men taking caring roles. Its main focus are organizational players, structures and cultures that can help men to do what they want, but fail to do: be more involved in caring roles, responsibilities and professions.

MiC will identify and share best practice models for achieving a high level of work and life balance to enable both men and women to have time and flexibility to care for their family members – especifically aging family members, children, themselves, friends and colleagues, and reduce the gender bias of family support measures in the public and private sectors through:

  • promoting a high level of quality and sustainable employment by identifying and sharing best practice models for improved work and life balance
  • guaranteeing adequate and decent social protection by promoting effective workplace strategies to support men having a higher share of care responsibilities
  • improving working conditions and making them beneficial for both employee and employers by ultimately reducing absenteeism, increasing productivity, and increased job satisfaction

MiC Activities

  • Situational crossnational and needs analysis: multiplier event and organisational
  • Actions encouraging caring masculinities and work-life balance: in-house seminars/business breakfasts for information exchange, trainings for managers, trainings for men and workers’ representative and a ‘Men in Care Guideline’ for companies
  • Public campaign, sustainable multi-level partnership model, a final dissemination event, a MiC website and paper on policy recommendations

Coordinator: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid (incl. LOGO)

MiC partners:

  • Institut für Männer- und Geschlechterforschung (VMG Steiermark), Austria
  • Work With Perpetrators EN (WWP), Germany
  • Social Science Research Institute, University of Iceland (UI)
  • Reform – resource center for men, Norway
  • Jagiellonian University (JU), Poland
  • PlinEU, Poland
  • Women’s Congress, (WG)
  • Peace Institute, Slovenia
  • The Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia, (AFTU)
  • The Association of Employers of Slovenia
  • Fundación 1 Mayo-Research institute related CCOO trade union (F1M)

Associate partners:

  • Alþýðusamband Íslands/Icelandic Confederation of Labour (ASÍ)
  • ÖGB-Steiermark/Austrian Trade Union of the region Steiermark (ÖGB)
  • European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
  • Konfederacja Lewiatan/Polish Confederation Lewiatan
  • Vest-Agder fylkeskommune/Vest-Agder county council
  • The equality and anti-discrimination ombudsman of Norway
  • The Basque Institute for Women/Emakunde: International Platform for Equal and Non-transferable Parental Leave, Spanish chapter (PPiiNA)
  • European Academy for Women in Politics and Business (EAF-Berlin)
  • Bundesforum Männer/Federal Forum Men – Interest Association for Boys, Men and Fathers